Polomegan Campaign: Weapons & Equipment

Polomegan Campaign: Weapons & Equipment

Some of these use the Tanks A lot rules, while other use a simple system I came up with for Armor. IPV is Initial Penetration Value, and represents the minimum amount a hit has to make to do any damage to the target’s STA or internals. Otherwise, it’s simply taken from the Structural Points (StrPts).

The Armor below have High Impact Values and Low Impact Values (something I thought of before Alternity). These are the maximum amount of damage it will absorb from the type of damage before penetration. High Impact is any kind of ranged weapons (energy and projectile) and Low impact is Melee. All points are subtracted from Structural Points, as the Armor is damaged.


Polomegan Ground Tank


(These were plasma weapons I created and can’t find the stats for. I will place them up here when I find them)

Top Speed: 130 Turn Speed: 100

AC/DC: 70.60

Crew: 3

Weapons:Turret (1)

– EP Auto Cannon*

– EP Support Rifle*

– Guided Missiles (x2)Defense:

– Infrared Jammer

– Power Screens

– Armor (x25)

Polomegan Hover Tank


Top Speed: 200

Turn Speed: 70

AC/DC: 60/40

Crew: 3


– E.P Support Rifle (x2)

– E.P. Autocannon

– Guided Missiles (x6) (24 reloads)

Defenses: IR Jammer, Power

Screens, Armor (x20)


I’Toron Steed – Cybernetic Attack Beast (Large)

Move: 110 m/turn

STA: 500 (Armor: IPV 90/StrPts 220)

IM/RS: 9/90

ATT: 95 (computerized targeting system)


– Laser Blaster (head) 5d10

– EP Support Rifle (mounted to be fired by rider)

– Laser Rifle (mounted to be fired by rider) 5d10

Armored Sensory Assault Robot

Move: 80 m/turn

Equip: IR, UV, Motion Sensors, Video, Audio, radar, Laser

Targeting (+10), VTOL Jets


– 2 Light Missiles (60%) (10d10)

– HE AP Missile (55%) (25d10)

– 2 Laser Blasters (65%) (6d10)

Armor: IPV 60/StrPts 320 STA 200

Remis Warmachine Polomite Armor


High Impact Protect: 75

Low impact Protect: 95

Struc. Pts.: 250


  • Re-Enforced Albedo Screen – Takes full damage from energy at 1/2 SEU per hit, 500 SEU belt pack.
  • Helmet
  • IR Scanner
  • Targeting system in helmet (+20%)
  • Magnification Visor
  • Comlink
  • Biolink
  • Holoscreen – plant-life camouflage
  • IR Jammer
  • Field Medkit

Remis Warmachine Cyclone Full Combat Suit


High Impact Protect: 90

Low Impact Protect: 120

Struc. pts.: 250

Weapon Systems

  • Rocket Launcher (R. Shoulder): 20d10
  • Wrist Blasters (x4 – 2 in each): 5d10
  • Laser Rifle: 6d10


  • Targeting System (+30 PB /+20 S/+15 M/+10 L/+5 E)
  • IR, UV, Motion Sensors (HUD in Helmet)
  • Range Finders (Range penalties one less)
  • Arial Rader

Remis Warmachine Pheonix Full Combat Suit


High Impact Protect: 95

Low Impact Protect: 110

Struc. pts.: 225

Weapon Systems

  • Light Guided Missiles (x2): 15d10
  • Wrist Blasters (x4 – 2 in each): 5d10
  • Light Pulse Laser (helmet): 4d10


  • Targeting System (+30 PB /+20 S/+15 M/+10 L/+5 E)
  • IR, UV, Motion Sensors (HUD in Helmet)
  • Range Finders (Range penalties one less)
  • Arial Rader
  • Flight Engines (four hours of flight/hover)

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