Sessions 04 – 06: The Trek to the Outpost

Sessions 04 – 06: The Trek to the Outpost

Dates: 3/24/2010 to 5/5/2010

Where: The Jungles of Planet Mahg Mar

(Alternity System – Modified Mutiny on the Mutiny on the Eleanor Moraes Star Frontiers adventure.)

Thwarting the plans of the strange changling like alien Dregs, the relay station is inadvertantly destroyed and the crew of the Lancelot are forced to use an escape pod to land on the toxic world of Mahg Mar. Unfortunately, Dregs formed his own escape pod from the crystralline entity he was trying to infect the relay station with, and also landed on the jungle world.

On the surface of the planet, the joint team between Galactic Corcord and the United Planetary Federation of the Expanse, has established a small outpost, built around the UPF’s survery ship the Eleanor Moraes. Not knowing where their own ship was, this was the only ship available to anyone to get off this world. Both the Lancelot crew and Dregs were headed overland through the thick jungle to the outpost in hopes gaining control of the ship. Dreg’s had the advantage, however because several of his mind-controlled terrorists were there, holding the entire outpost and surviving station crew hostage.

After recovering from the escape pod crash, the crew assessed their inventory, oriented themselves with respect to the outpost and set out on a three day trek into the jungle. They knew that the Eleanor Moraes was not totally space-worthy and would take a few days to get it ready. Assuming the terrorists did not have access to the Lancelot, they had a few days before they could get the survey ship ready.

Magh Mar is a world with a poisonous atmosphere but a very active biosphere. However, the dangers to the crew included more than just the wildlife. Armed robotic survery drones were sent by the terrorist holding the outpost attacked the group multiple times.

One encounter with a particular challenging ‘bot wounded Chissa and left him near death. The crew fought savagely back at the emplaced robot. A few hours after finally rendering the robot inoperable, Chissa arose from the rocks where he was shot, completely healed and aware. Mahg Mar’s secrets were even deeper than what they had already encountered. All Chrissa could remember was the calming voice of something called the Dominas.

Reaching the edge of the outpost, the crew was pleased to see the Eleanor Moras still on the landing pad. Now the challenge was to take the outpost back from the terrorists.