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The Savage Volturnus Saga

The Campaign takes place prior to the first contact with the Verge and the Stellar Ring.  The year is 2120 Earth time (Federation Year 65) Pale (Truane’s Star) is the starting point of the only known starship route through the Xagyg Dust

Ashes of Valkana, Shadows of Chaos

START: 02/2016.  ENDED: 10/2017 SYSTEM: Fantasy Age SETTING: Titans Grave – A setting that is a cross between Thundarr the Barbarian and the Heavy Metal movies.  You can’t ask for anything better. This campaign is our own version of what Wil Wheaton ran in his

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Horrors on Mountain Lake

System/Setting: Realms of Cthulhu (Savage Worlds)/1920s USA When: May/June 2015 Short campaign I playtested an original adventure I ran a couple of times in college. I am fleshing it out and getting it written down for PDF publishing.  Ran it

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Lost Mine of Phandelver

System/Setting: D&D 5e/Forgotten Realms Ended: March 13, 2015 Tried my hand at D&D through the new version.  This was a straightforward short campaign with very little depth and a lot of combat.  My experience with D&D 5e was very pleasant but

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The Mysterium Platonis

System/Setting: True20 System/Fading Suns Started: 5/22/2013 Latest Campaign News Introductions Justinius Hawkwood hires a team to investigate some unfinished work. 3 years ago, a mission was sent to Bannockburn to investigate the Ancient ruins there. A Hawkwood agent was a

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Highbreed Reborn (True20)

Setting (System): Star*Drive/Star Frontiers (True20 System) Started: 2/16/2011 Campaign Setting Year: 2501 AD (11 years after first contact between the Verge and the Expanse) Using a modified Star Drive combining it with some Star Frontiers elements, resurrecting an old campaign

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Highbreed Reborn (Alternity)

Setting (System): Star*Drive/Star Frontiers (Alternity) Started: 2/3/2010, Designated Wednesdays McClung House Using a modified Star Drive combing it with some Star Frontiers elements, resurrecting an old campaign a third time with some modifications. Digging up some old Star Frontiers adventures and

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Babylon 5: Ghost in the Shadows

System: Babylon 5 2e d20 Started: 10/25/2008 When/Where: Alternate Saturdays UNCC, Health and Human Services Campaign News Characters: Two groups of mercenaries on Babylon 5 are seeking new work. Group #1 Group #2 Additional Players added later: Charles Flanagan(Human Scientist) – Rob O’Hara

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High Colonies d20

System: d20 Future Setting: High Colonies, an old 90s game Started: 8/22/2007 When/Where: Above Board Games I am making an attempt at starting a short campaign at ABG in d20 Future. Most characters are pre-generated, but it developing along reasonably

HighBreed Dawn

Setting/System: Fading Suns d20 Dates: 3/2006 – 8/30/2008 Latest Campaign News A murder on Byzantium Secundus leads to a shadowy secret of epic proportions. Something called the Master is forming Changed cults through out the galaxy and he is in

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