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HBD Characters
  • Baron Jacob JuandaastasBaron Jacob Juandaastas
    Human (as human as any Juandaastas can be) Occultist: Psychic, Drunkard. Loyal to House Juandaastas, House Hawkwood (Bill Barrier)
  • Braduk na BurdukBraduk na Burduk
    Ur Ukari Technician, alternate to the Church’s view. Loyal to the Incarnate Church and the Supreme Order of Engineers (Bill Boivin)
  • Brother “Stix” SheonBrother "Stix" Sheon
    Human Occultist Theurgist, Martial Artist, Beastfriend Loner (Chris Jarrett)
  • Brother JonusBrother Jonus
    Ur Obun Priest of the Church Healer, Forensics Medicine Specialist Order of Aeon (Chris Fisher)
  • Kesla KhassKesla Khass
    Human Knave & Soldier (former Lady of the Court of Keddah) Loyal to House Keddah (Christina Stiles)
  • Sir Justinius HawkwoodSir Justinius Hawkwood
    Human Knight / Noble
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