New Content: Polomegan Campaign

New Content: Polomegan Campaign


Consolidating some stuff I already posted with stuff I had to transcribe from old notes, I finally put together my second attempt at a Star Frontiers Campaign – the Polomegan campaign.  Inspired by a variety of sources – Battletech, the future Earth in Terminator, some concepts from the movie Alien Nation, I put together an adventure originally linked to my Jedi characters, I have since re-written portions of it to fit generically.  I planned this before I got too deep into Zebulon’s Guide to Frontier Space and mentalists.

I went though all my notes and almost through them away because they did not make sense to me initially.  But after looking deeper into it, seeing commonalities between the maps and the notes, I started to make some sense out of them .  Deep seated into my Jedi mythology, I re-wrote it without those elements, substituting in ancient alien artifacts and mentalist/psionic powers.

I feel like I made a more cohesive plotline for it because the original plotline was too deeply tied into the existing party of characters.  As it was in the beginning, it is a simple artifact hunt on a war torn world with robotic battlemechs and a struggling freedom fighter movement opposing them.

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