Profession Specialty System
Star Frontiers Profession Specialty System

Profession Specialty System

Nor’s Guide To Better Careers

Star Frontiers is in dire need of a way to advance one’s character beyond the general profession listed in the Zebulon’s Guide. This new specialty system allows for a more diverse character. Profession Specialties are more specific advancements in an otherwise very general career. Each Profession has a few specialties, and some share specialties. But to advance into a specialty, one must fulfill the Prerequisites listed for each specialty. When a character advances into a specialty, the character receives bonuses, and gains access to a previously inaccessible skill list. The Basic Mechanics are explained. Each specialty with its prerequisites is listed, followed by the skills that accompany these specialties. They are available to PC upon entering the particular specialty, and are categorized according to the Profession they are related to.


Profession Specialty Prerequisites & Bonus

As stated previously, to acquire a specialty, one must fulfill the Prerequisites listed for the specific specialty in mind. When a character advances to a specialty, he receives bonuses, much like professional skills. On advancement into a specialty, the character receives 10 points that can be used to raise Basic Attributes, or Racial Abilities, or buy new professional skills is(not Specialty skills).

Specialty Skills & Skill Advancement

Profession Specialties have specific skill available to it. They are bought at normal professional cost, but no other profession specialty skills can be bought at nonprofessional cost. To advance the skill levels of the skills acquired from the Specialty, it only cost normal professional cost.

Specialty Levels and Advancement Bonuses

Profession Specialties also have levels, and Specialty Advancement also; produces bonuses. For every level advanced in a specialty after level one (1), the PC receives 3 points to be used as Attribute advancement, or Racial Abilities. To advance specialties, it costs general experience; 4 XP + Level, cumulative.

Exit Options and Requirements

A PC can advance from one Specialty to another, but only through the exit options given for that specialty. Also, the PC must fulfill the Exit Requirements before exiting the particular specialty. Each is listed for the individual specialty.

Cross-over Specialties

Any person within a given profession can choose from the list of Profession Specialties attributed to his Profession. Note that some professions share specialties. These types are called cross-over specialties.

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