Saint Sinner Part 4

Saint Sinner Part 4

The Narusian Santuary

Saint Sinner 4

System: Narus

Planet: Narus III

Unregistered colony of the Greshide Hyper Dynamics Tech Corporation, [Sovereignty of Man] Sector x-19 with Talgorian Space.  Swamp world with heavy humidity.

Talgorians – Talgorians are a rave of semi-saurian beings with some insectoid biology.  They are businessmen that specialize in organic tech and bio-genetic drugs.


Their mission is to  deliver weapons & investigate what they are doing with the Narusian and where the product is being shipped. Weapons will be picked up by the mercenary advisor already there.  PCs are to help out in any way they can.


  • The Talgorian are making a psi-enhancement drug from the blood of the Narusians.  With special treatment , the blood can bring out the psi-abilities of anyone.
  • They are selling it through special arrangements with a trading organization within the Kzin Empire.
  • Grastal Trading Syndicate is the secret trading organization and is secretly owned by Girrillian.  It operates out of Kzin space on a Kzin occupied world on the extreme end of the Talgorian Empire – Planet Grastal.  It is an outpost colony garrisoned by less popular Kzin troops; fallen from grace soldiers and sent to the far end of the  battle front, far from the action (Fall From Grace).
  • Narus III is surrounded by a mine field.