Blood Creek, previously known as Creek and Town Creek, is a horror film directed by the famous (and infamous) Joel Schumacher, starring Michael Fassbender,  Dominic Purcell, and Henry Cavill.  Where else are you going to get Magneto, Heat Wave and Superman in one movie.  Written by David Kajganich, the film apparently had a limited theatrical release in 2009. I came across it in my streaming options, and it was highly recommended by a friends.  Dominic Purcell and Henry Cavill play brothers on a mission of revenge who become trapped in a harrowing occult experiment dating back to the Third Reich.  Yes, Nazis, Occult and Zombies in the same movie.  I am all in!

From the Dead Reckonings Sourcebook (converted to CoC 7e) Pre-Game Read and Prep I am planning on running this on Dark Rivals for one of my game day events, RonCon.  I picked it relatively randomly although I like the “caught in …

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Setting: Modern.  System: Savage Worlds Step aboard the ghost ship and experience a new horror from Hogshead.  On September 18,1942 the German auxiliary cruiser Loki vanished. Around the world, there have been mysterious sightings ever since. Now a desperate man …

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Kontamination is a new RPG Adventure/One Shot from Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. When I try to run a published adventure, I sometimes find myself asking if the adventure was written with the GM in mind. For me, it’s important to convey the story of the adventure to the players in the most succinct and clear fashion with minimal page turning and book diving as possible. However, not everyone retains the same information at the same rate and every GM is different. So what is the way to best write an adventure? Keep it as simple as possible in terms of wording and stat blocking, and make key aspects of the adventure easy to reference if at all possible.

The Rapture has been the subject of various books and movies and all have approached it from a similar fashion – portraying it as something in the near and foreseeable future. No one that I have seen before this game has ventured out and asked the question “What if it happens way far in the future after man has found ways off this world?” Rapture: The End of Days is a game about that very thing.