03.0 Advantages & Disadvantages

03.0 Advantages & Disadvantages


The following is a combination of Advantage/Disadvantage systems from Shatterzone, Masterbook and a little from D6 (plus some psi powers from Star Frontiers). It is all compiled into one comprehensive system that is compatible with the Ron D6 system.  There were so many redeeming qualities about Shatterzone & Masterbook that I have used it as the basis and the framework for this Advantage / Disadvantage system.

In grew cumbersome to say Advantages and Disadvantages over and over again, so collectively we are going to call them Traits – Advantages are Positive Traits and Disadvantages, also sometimes referenced as Compensations are Negative Traits.


The Traits are acquired in several different ways and they are organized by Type.

  • Numbers – These are Traits that affect your character’s Attributes and Skills, obtained from differences in culture, environment or other enhancement inherent to the character.
  • Special Abilities & Xeno-Flaws – These Traits are obtained because character is a non-human species or alien, primarily obtained from biological and evolutionary differences in the species.
  • Social – These Traits involve interaction with other people and groups on a social level, social status and social norms.
  • Professional – These Traits pertain to the professional life of a character
  • Material/Wealth – Items and the means to pay for them.
  • Perks, Quirks and Oddities (Other)

Each Trait type has a description for the category listed before the actual different advantages.

Trait Points

Advantages, Disadvantages, and Special Abilities are listed alphabetically in their respective sections. Advantages and Disadvantages cost a number of points – the higher the value, the more powerful affect on the character. Special Abilities give the initial cost for gaining one Level in that ability, with further levels gained by additional points.

Note: Gamemasters may allow higher ranks of character options than the examples given here. Players and gamemasters should discuss the best way to represent their characters’ unique set of traits.

In general, one tries to balance Advantages and Special Abilities points with Disadvantage points.

Ron d6 A/C System


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