03 – Savage SF Fringe/Minor Character Races

03 – Savage SF Fringe/Minor Character Races

The following races are available in Star Drive Frontiers.  These are considered minor races because they have not established a stellar nation of any kind or small stellar nations of a 3 to 6 systems.  However, they were contacted by one of the Frontier races.

2019/02/15: Gradually updating these to SWADE



The Bengradi are a species of tailed felinoid bipeds that look like a humanoid version of a terrestrial Bengal Tiger, with  orange with black stripe pelts, feline ears and tail. They are a genetic-off-shoot of the Halogai’, gengineered by the Sathars in an attempt to breed the violent tendencies out of the Halogai’.  Physiologically, they relate well to the Halogai’ in almost everything. The female is usually taller, for instance, although the males do not have manes. The males are usually between 100 cm and 220 cm tall. The females are usually between 110 cm and 230 cm tall. They are purely carnivorous, eating raw meat as often as possible. The Bengradi are praised for their amazing quickness in learning. (Based on Rakashan from the Science Fiction Companion).


Low Light Vision (+1): The Bengradi ignore penalties for bad lighting in all but pitch darkness.

Keen Senses (+1): The Bengradi have a keen sense which gains them +2 to Notice.

Natural Weapons: Claws (+1): STR+d6 damage. He doesn’t count as an unarmed defender.

Edge: Scholar or Jack of All Trades (+1)The Bengradi gain either the Scholar edge or the Jack of All Trades Edge because of their quick learning.

Racial Enemy (–1) – Halogai’: Bengradi suffer a –4 Charisma when dealing with the Halogai’. Unless fettered by other authorities or common goals, individuals of the two races typically attack each other on sight.

Hindrance – Low-G Worlder (-1): The Bengradi were genetically engineered ona low gravity world and their new homeworld is also lower in gravity. Bengradi subtracts 1 from all Strength rolls, including damage.


The Bro’ac (pronounced broc) are a planet-based alien life form found on three garden world in the Rim sector.  Many believe these are not their homeworld and that are a species born of a space faring spore.  (Based on Florans from the Science Fiction Companion). 

Dependency (–2): This type of plant-based life-form must bask in sunlight (artificial or otherwise) once per day or suffer Fatigue. This can lead to death. Fatigue is recovered at the rate of one level per hour of sunshine.

Environmental Weakness, Heat/Fire (–1): Bro’ac suffer +4 damage from heat or fire attacks, and a –4 penalty to resist any other effects.

Hardy (+3): A second Shaken result doesn’t cause a wound.

Low Tech Hindrance (–1): Bro’ac come from worlds where they have no real need for technology.  They find standard tech confusing. They suffer a –2 penalty when using typical technological systems.

Skill Bonus – Persuasion (+1): Floran’s organs are spread out along their strange vascular systems, making them less susceptible to called shots.

Regeneration (+2): As long as they’re not Exhausted from lack of sunlight, florans may natural healing rolls once per day.


The Candrosian are a horned, hexa-pedal, tailed centauroid species. Four limbs are used for locomotion, and the remaining two for manipulation. They have a thin-fur layer over a leathery plated skin. They stand on two set of legs, with an extended lower torso and a tail, but also with a full abdomen, upper chest and two arms of a humanoid, with a head vaguely reminiscent of a cross between a terran mountain ram and a terran rhinoceros . The head is a massive conglomeration of the rhino-like head and the curled horns of the ram. The Candrosian walk on the soles of their feet.  A Candrosian, male or female from head to tail tip are usually between 240 cm and 300 cm long.


Hindrances: Outsider (due to Size)

Candrosian start out with a d6 in both Strength and Vigor instead of a d4. However they are not as agile as other races, Agility cost x2. Example: It costs two attribute points to raise one’s Agility from a d4 to a d6.

Gore (+1): Candrosian use the charge maneuver to gore their opponents with their long horns. If they can move at least 6” before attacking, they add +4 to their damage total.

Natural Weapons – Horns (+1): Str+d6.

Size +2 (+2): Candrosian are the same size as horses.  Additionally, Candrosian have a thick layer of leathery plates, which add to their ability to absorb damage.  They gain +1 natural Toughness.  That’s a total of +3 to Toughness.  However, the +1 Natural toughness can be negated with AP.


The Halogai’ developed from a feline species perhaps not too distantly related to the K’Dasi. However, they evolved to much larger stature, physically, and much more aggressive. Halogai’ are fierce furred humanoid felines, the males sporting a large furry mane and the females being taller than the males. The range in color from black to a mix of earthen colors to tan-brown. They are pure carnivores, never developing the digestive system to handle flora-based edibles. They are also tailed, like their other feline brothers, both female and male sporting one that is usually 1/2 the length of their body.   (Based on Rakashan from the Science Fiction Companion).

Claws: STR+d6 damage. He doesn’t count as an unarmed defender.

Animal Empathy: At Novice, the Halogai’ gain the Beast Bond Edge.  At Seasoned, they gain +2 Charisma when dealing with animals and animal handling.

Bloodthirsty Hindrance (Major, –2): Halogai can be cruel to their foes, often toying with them for simple amusement. They rarely take prisoners and feel little compunction about punishing captured foes. They have –4 Charisma among civilized types.

Racial Enemy (–1) – Bengradi: Halogai’ suffer a –4 Charisma when dealing with the Bengradi. Unless fettered by other authorities or common goals, individuals of the two races typically attack each other on sight.


The K’Dasi evolved from a felinoid species, on their homeworld of K’Das beyond the Rim. They appear as humanoid felines, shorter than the average human, and can vary in fur color, from pure whites or gray, to stripes, to patches. They also have tails that are usually about 1/2 to 2/3 the length of their body. They are similar in appearance to old Earth domestic felines, even in attitude. Some say they descended from the same feline species as the Halogai’, however, the Halogai’ refuse to admit this. They are bipedal, but can run faster on all fours if necessary. They are also quite agile. (Based on Rakashan from the Science Fiction Companion). 

Skill Bonus – Move Quietly (+1): The K’Dasi have an innate ability to being sneaky and quit.  This gains them a +2 to Stealth.

Skill Bonus – Climbing (+1)The K’Dasi have a natural ability to climb. This gains them a +2 to Climbing.

Small (-1): K’dasi are small, -1 to their Toughness


A four-armed race of highly agile humanoids, Kestarians (or Kests) are known for their quick reactions, razor sharp wit, marksmanship, and swordplay.  This species was first encountered near the Ifshnit shortly after the development of the Jump Drives. Not a spacefaring race, Kestarians are in fact quite primitive,
only slightly beyond the hunting-and-gathering stage of evolution. Kestaria is a female-dominated world, and with good reason: through a combination of their stunning appearances, almost mystical allure, and possibly some form of pheromone secretion, Kestarian women are virtually irresistible seductresses. Kestarian men have some of the same power, but to a much lesser degree.

Additional Action (+3): All Kestarians have four limbs, and their brains are fully adapted for handling this advantage. Kestarians can use all four limbs for individual tasks. Due to their four arms, Kestarians get one extra non-movement action per round at no multi-action penalty.

Skill Bonus – Persuasion (+2): All Kestarians are highly skilled in the arts of charm and persuasion and are rumored to be able to use their song to produce a hypnotic effect. +2 bonus to Persuasion.

Hindrance – Greedy (-1):  All Kestarians (especially females) desire power through their manipulation.


The Que’Sha descended from a species of enormous land snakes. They are usually 250 cm to 400 cm long, from head to tail-tip, with nearly 1/2 of the length being the torso and the head and the other half being a long tail with no legs. On the torso is a humanoid chest with two pairs of arms. The head is human in size and has a horn crest across its forehead. Its body is made up of large tough scales. On each hand are claws. The Que’Sha, being descended from snakes, have rows of fangs in their mouth.

Natural Weapon – Spit Poison (+1)– The Que’Sha, being descended from snakes, have the ability to spit poison. The character must choose a type of poison from the list. The range is always at the most 2. The Que’Sha can only spit Vigor/2 times a day.  The Types of Poisons are:

  • Blinding Poison – This poison blinds the victim. The target must make a succeed at a Vigor check or the victim is blinded 1d10 hrs, and is in great pain during that time.
  • Nerve Poison – This stuns the character for a limited amount of time. The target must make a succeed at a Vigor check or
  • Fatal Poison – This poison is Venomous (-1), by the standard Poison rules of Savage Worlds.

Additional Action (+3): Due to their four arms, Que’sha get one extra non-movement action per round at no multi-action penalty.

Environmental Weakness, Cold (–1): Due to their cold-blooded nature, Que’sha are not comfortable in cold environments. They suffer a –4 penalty to resist cold environmental effects, and suffer +4 damage from cold or ice-based attacks.

Environmental Weakness, Light Sensitivity (–1): Due to the low intensity of their sun on their homeworld, Que’sha are very sensitive to bright light. They must wear protective goggles or suffer a -4 to Notice and any other Trait roll involving sight (like Shooting or Fighting).

Slow Slither (Slow, -2): Because the Que’Sha slither, then tend to move slower than most.  Pace is reduced by 2” (to a minimum
of 2”), and it has a d4 running die.


The S’saran are a reptillian race, resembling a cross between a terrestrial komodo dragons and a terrestrial gila monster. They are blackish green in color, with visible scales, and no fur. They developed from a larger killer omnivore.

Semi-Aquatic (+1): The S’saran can hold their breath for 15 minutes before checking for drowning.  They gains free d4 in Swimming and their Pace in water is equal to his Swimming skill.

Natural Weapon: Retractable Fangs (+1) – The S’saran can cause extra damage, when biting, by inserting his retractable fangs into a victim. Strength+d6 damage.  The S’saran doesn’t count as an unarmed defender

Natural Weapon: Claws: Strength+d6 damage. The S’saran doesn’t count as an unarmed defender

Immune to Poison (+2): All S’saran are immune to poison. They know when they have been poisoned, because their body recognizes it.

Environmental Weakness (Cold) (-1): The S’saran suffers a –4 penalty to resist cold. If the S’saran suffers an attack based on that form, the attacks gains +4 bonus to damage.

Hindrance – Outisder (-1):  Because of the nature of their arrival to the region, the S’saran are seen as outsiders and intruders.


Descending from a ancient canine, the Torani are a furred humanoid creatures with a tail. Most are similar to the terrestrial canine species, resembling a red fox, although their colors might vary based on their pack. They have a pack mentality which has now grown into a complex political structure. Torani were once purely carnivorous but have grown omnivorous through time.

The Tor’Drani are thought to be descended from the same canine race as the Torani. They resemble more of a wolf or coyote, being humanoid mammalian with a tail. Physically, the only major difference between them and the Torani is coloration. Physiologically, they are only slightly different and can interbreed, if their social norms ever allowed it. However, because of the fierce rivalry and pride between them, it rarely, if ever, happens.


Power: Short Range Telepathy (+2):  Both Torani and Tor’Drani have the ability to send short messages mentally to nearby allies.  They must have line of site and the target must be a willing recipient.  The character gains Arcame Background: Gifted (with 15 power points), a Focus skill becomes a Core Skill, and the new Power called Short Range Telepathy.  This costs in Power points 3 points for Novice characters, 2 points for Seasoned, 1 point for Veterans per use.  

Natural Weapons – Claws (+1): STR+d6 damage. He doesn’t count as an unarmed defender.


Descended from huge land mammals resembling large bears, the Urtoran are tall furred mammalian humanoids resembling a merging Earth bears like the kodiak and the grizzly. Their coats vary from black to brown, and they are usually quite large. Their coat lighten as the Urtoran get old and they are one of the longest lived species of the region.


Regeneration (+1): Once per day, the Urtoran have an ability to slip into a deep sleep and recover from injuries. It may make a natural Healing roll during this time.

Edge: Berserk (+1)Urtorans gain the Berserk Edge.

Natural Weapons – Claws (+1): STR+d6 damage. He doesn’t count as an unarmed defender.  However, these claws can only be used as a weapons when they are enraged (Berserk).

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