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The Nacaal are an alien race that once served Ra as special shock troops.  They were treasured by Ra as powerful warriors with unequalled psychic abilities.  They used their mind in combat as a weapon.  They are serpent-like creatures, with …

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Update my Stargate Page to display the SG LARPs I did between 2006 and 2008.  Added pictures of the LARPs as well as pictures of the crafts I did for them. LARPs Share List

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Lt. Col. David Dixon Lt. Colonel Dave Dixon is the commander of SG-6. He is married and has four children. He loves his children, but teases the expectant father of his team, Sr. Airman Simon Wells, of all the tribulations …

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Alien Heritage   From The Visitors episode of Ancient Aliens Akhenaten ascended to the throne as the 10th Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty in 1352 B.C. He is depicted in paintings and carvings with an elongated skull, which some ancient alien theorists …

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Wrote and ran a few Stargate LARPS along with a few table top all linked to one plotline, centered around Greek Mythology, an artifact called the Dimensional Well Devices that caused fluctuations within the dimensional fabric, and other devices that …

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Ancient Aliens on History Channel After watching an episode of Ancient Aliens called Aliens and the Third Reich, I was inspired to compile some of the things I had already used for inspiration for htis campaign and then added more …

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Inspired by an episode of History Channel Ancient Aliens, Aliens and the Third Reich If ancient aliens visited Earth in the remote past, could they have given us advanced technology, past down through human history? And could this technology have …

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The Gate of the Gods: (Carved Rock Face). The Gate of the Gods, or the “Puerta de Hayu Marca” has been at some time in the distant past carved out of a natural rock face and in all measures exactly …

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Under Construction! I am developing a Stargate Campaign stemming from an adventure I wrote for a convention game at ConCarolinas 2008. Between all the work I have done in the LARPs and the table tops I have tried to link to …

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Mythology/Pantheon Who is Hephaestus: Hephaestus is not your normal system lord.  He was a creator, a craftsman and a tech wizard to many of the other system lords.  He maintained a small empire with a handful of planets, appeasing the …

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