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Star Trek: Discovery – Social Justice Vigilantes

I don’t even know where to start, I am so frustrated.  Militant Progressives have taken over Star Trek in the worst way.  Instead of “social justice,” they are portraying “social revenge” or “social vigilantism” in their stories.  Now I see

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Government Shutdown Rant!

With this Shutdown, all I hear about are the government employees going without paychecks. And of course, this is by design! No actual talk about a service people miss or starving children who can’t get their food stamps.Is it me,

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Movie & TV Bias these days!

I got to thinking this morning about movies/TV shows and how the bias has gotten so bad about liberal bias.  Namely, at least for me, the CW Arrowverse that I so invested myself in.  It’s not that the bias wasn’t

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Parkland Shooting

Here we go again, second verse same as the first.  A nut-job gets of a gun (legally) and shoots up a bunch of high school students.  My heart goes not to the victim’s families and the town in general.  It

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You’re responsible for the dumpster fire!

In a conversation where I found it funny that Oprah and The Rock were both being recruited to run for president (relating it back to the movie Idiocracy), I apparently triggered a lefty-acquaintance of mine to the point that he

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How soon will Social Media be the new smoking?

Is mental health as important as physical health?  Not yet.  But will it be?  Is overall societal well-being as important as the greater physical well-being?  Who knows?  Maybe one day.  Recent reports have said that founders of some social networking

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2017 Texas Church Shooting: Presence of Mind?

There are no words that can express the sorrow and despair I feel for those in that small town in Texas and this country as a whole.  Between Charlottesville riots (not a shooting, but still), Las Vegas, the New York

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Serialized TV: It’s killing good story.

This article – Serialized Television Has Become a Disease – hit the nail on the head for me.  I have been saying this for a while.  There are some shows that pull it off pretty well, primarily because they are based

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Trump is the best thing to happen to feminism

How about that for a tag line!  That’ll get the snowflakes a-fluttering.  I only write the occasional rant because I have a thought and the only way I can completely flesh it out is write it down.  I imagine in

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You can’t go home again?

After 8 years, I returned to NJ.  This time, it was with all three of my kids, because they wanted to see daddy’s old stomping ground, as well as visit their cousins in their home town.  It was the first time I visited since my parents moved to SC.  I did not realize how hard it was going to be.  I realized, however, I needed closure from that part of my life.  Did I get it?  I am not sure.  Maybe some.

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