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2015 Panthers 5-0!!!

Oct 18, 2015 I can not tell you how good that win felt.  After so many years of near misses and close losses, Cam lead our boys to a victory that was very satisfying.  They finished the game finally!  Played

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Charlotte 49ers vs. Presbyterian College

49ers win 34 to 10 This was a cake walk for us 2 years ago but this year, we struggled in the beginning offensively.  Despite new players from UAB and a experienced QB, we only beat then by half as

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2015 College Football Kick Off weekend, Georgia Dome!

Also known as the NOTDragon*Con weekend!   What a perfect storm of events! I had known for along time that UNCC was going to play in the Dome in Georgia.  I found out later that Auburn was going to play

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Carolina Panthers Playoffs 2014-2015

This was a great experience.  Thanks to Jim St. John, I was able to get play off tickets and see the Panthers win their first Play Off game.  They did not make it past the Wildcard round but it was

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Panthers are BACK!

I am not sports commentator and I am not expert on football. I love the game, but I could not tell you the dfference between a Cornerback and a Left Tackle. I am endeavoring to learn more year by year,

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Super Bowl not so super for me

Well, Giants won much to my chagrin. I think I wanted them to lose more than I wanted the Patriots to lose. It was the Super Bowl with the team that I cannot stand verus the team I cannot pull

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2007 Panther Season – Already a bust

I have not said much about the Panthers this year because… well, what is there to say? I had so much hope for them in the beginning, with a new offense and new game plan. But here after week 4,

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The Sport of Kings – New League

It was with much sadness that I left the league my brother and his friends started and moved to one that was more capatible with my lifestyle and wallet. The new one is with some good folks here at work,

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Panthers 3, Steelers 37

I love them, but dang… ther eis no passion left in this football team. I guess they fell for the hype and when things got bad, all their wind fell out of their sails. I have not seen a more

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Just how many games are we going to throw away?

Panthers 24, Eagles 27 This is getting stupid. Jake, you are having a bad year. I know you are a better QB than you are showing now. The Panthers are like my fantasy team. I thought I had some good

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