DStar MLL Characters

MLL Characters
  • Bishop GraysonBishop Grayson
    Race: Half Elf Class: Ranger (Former Royal Exploratory Service Deep Scout) (Played by Hans Sprenkle)
  • Djunei LostrasDjunei Lostras
    Illonis Monk/Ranger/Fighter/Gun Dancer Security (Matt Holmquist)
  • Hyrss HrakHyrss Hrak
    Artathi Ranger/Rogue First Mate/Gunner (John Reavis)
  • Jenquip JodaiJenquip Jodai
    Dwarven Psionic Ship’s Doctor/Psionic/Security (Bill Barrier)
  • Lyianna KennirunlinLyianna Kennirunlin
    High Elf Wizard Owner/Captain/Navigator (Stephanie McClung) Cusarielle the Tressym familiar.
  • RadikRadik
    Pilot Pilot (Chris Fisher)  
  • SedionSedion
    Tarn Idoun Wizard/Mechanic Ship’s Engineer/Zero-G Expert (Chris Jarrett)
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