Jedi Knights in Star Frontiers

Jedi Knights in Star Frontiers

Nor’s Guide to the Force


The original rules were hand-written, when I first started gaming in Star Frontiers, while in high school. At the time, I wanted some kind of magic or paranormal power in my game, and I thought the Jedi was my answer. However, my concept went far beyond what the Lucas-concept of a Jedi was. I basically made them mages. I later started calling them Psi-Caster until I got a copy of Zebulon’s Guide, at which time I abandoned this in favor of the Mentalist class.

So please excuse the bastardization of the Jedi concept. I was young, and still learning what gaming was all about. Also please excuse the complex rules. I liked rules mechanics a lot and still do, in some ways. Dungeons & Dragons, Perils & Powers, and Other Suns heavily influenced me in this endeavor.

The original rules were play-tested once by one of my original players. I’m not saying it can be used, and I’m not saying it’s the best rules ever. But it is something I wrote that I wanted to put on the web, just for fun.

When I included this into Star Frontiers, game balance wasn’t really considered. When I re-wrote these rules, I tried to add some balance, however it may still be too much for some campaigns or GMs. It is left to the GM to balance it where he sees fit.

Also, this is before I had Zebulon’s Guide, so this is all based on Alpha Dawn rules.

Below, as I re-write this, I find areas that I need to expand upon or elaborate on, so I put it in brackets [ ]. Other places, I’ve re-done the rules to something that makes more sense.

Some of these numbers I ran, while some of the numbers I didn’t but assume I did one upon a time. The numbers I refer too are the Ranges, durations, Damage for these Castings. Some may be a little high while some may be a little low. It’s left to the GMs discretion to police that. However – word of advice – you WILL need a calculator for most of these numbers.


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