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Alfonse Borodino, Agent of LIBRA

Alfonse “Al” Borodinois a citizen of the Repulic ( of Italy) and works for the secret society LIBRA. (Click the image for character sheet)

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Dämmerung – Edge of Twilight

PRW Corporation placed a mining colony on Mercury named Dämmerung.  It was built on a massive mobile platform that would the Mercurian surface, at varying longitudes and latitudes, gathering various rare minerals along the surface.  To avoid the heat of the

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Savage Reich Star 08.1: Characters (SWADE)

Modelling after The Last Parsec and JumpCorp, I want to create a convention with in Savage Reich Star that places the characters as members of the resistance at the start.  I want to build a structure that gives the character’s

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Savage Reich Star 07.1: Skills, Edges & Hindrances (SWADE)

These are based on Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules.  Hindrances Outsider Outsider is a more prominent than in the world of Savage Reich Star.  In the Reich, it applies to anyone not considered undesirable or Minder.  In most cases, this

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Savage Reich Star 06.1: Psychic Abilities (SWADE)

Psychic Ability in Savage Reich Star is slightly different then Psionics from the core book, because of the level of subtlety.  The Reich and the Empire are still studying the powers of the mind and have not tapped it entirely.

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Location: G- Zones (G-Zonen)

Inspired in part by Colony TV show. The Nazi Ghetto program during the War of Reunification was extensive throughout Europe and grew once the Allies surrendered.  Eventually, the populations were transitioned to various concentration and labor camps.  By the end of

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Savage Reich Star Tech #3.7: Life Extension Tech

Some aspects of the Niven-verse (bosterspice) have inspired me to apply them to the Reich Star universe.  Also recently, the new show Altered Carbon has given me some ideas. There are two major ways to extend ones’ lives in 2065: body

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Writing Legacy of the Führer Part 3

PROJECT START: 06/2017 The second adventure playtested well twice.  I built some terrain around it and plan to run it at MACE 2017.  Now I have to come up with the final chapter in the trilogy.  There were enough clues

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Legacy of the Führer 2: Ice Station Schatzgräber (Playtest)

Playtested with nearly complete terrain projects for both nuked NYC encounter and the Ice Station encounter.  I think I hyped up the fear factor too early so by the time they got to the final battle, they were already done and ready to GFTO!

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Savage Reich Star Tech #3.5: Bio-tech Skill Boosts

Skill Boosts are a less permanent bio-technological equivalent of Skill Chip cybernetics.  Memories and thoughts are simply chemicals and electrical impulses in the brain.  Certain combinations of bio-chemicals developed by Reich scientists can recreate these same effects at least for

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