Saint Sinner Campaign

Saint Sinner Campaign

The Saint Sinner Campaign was my first complex campaign involving intrigue and where I finally felt like my version of the Star Frontiers setting was coming together.  All the various “imports” like Kzinti, Khalia, and Saurons, as well as semi-original work like the Shri’ikk has a heavy influence on this one.  I also resurrected an old adventure location and connected my Early Years to my College Years.

This took the character Girrillian to a new level, as I grew him into one of my best bad guys.  What I liked about it the most was the players chasing down one guy, falsely accused (even though they did not know it) and in the end, helping him with his cause.  The complexities come in from relations, and personal interactions by the NPCs.

Campaign Notes


PCs are hired by Star Law as deputized bounty hunters, to hunt down murder suspect Ramsey “Rams” Dramius (human).  He is wanted for a murder in the Karionus system, sister system to the Arion System.  The victim was a corporate executive of the KARIONUS ALLIED SURVEILLANCE EXPORTS (KASE), named JACRON “JACK” KATRICK AREES ([SKANIIS]) – Executive AssistantVP.  He was a long time exployee of KASE and before that, he worked for Arionus Development Enterprises.

Dramius is a well-known smuggler, dealer and con-artist, known to side with the highest bidder.  He is an all around scoundrel.  Many deaths have been associated to him but nothing connected Dramius directly to them.


The chase to capture Dramius will go to various location and end at a world where the local alien race is being suppress and enslaved by the [Sovereignty of Man].  Dramius is supplying weapons to the resistance. {Creating a moral dilemma}

They will follow through a few planets until they capture him.  Through his persuasive skills, he pushes them tin investigate further where they will find that he was never in the system at the time of the murder he was accused of.  He was framed.  All records that show he was in the system were forged by a very adept netrunner.


With Dramius’s connections, they find out who the victim was and find a trail of bodies done in the same manner and framed to look like a number of criminals/smugglers had done it.  There is one common link all these criminals – they had dealings with or grudges against Girrillian Vorask . {I think the intent was to eventually unite any surviving smugglers against Girrillian but I don’t think it ever got that far.}


Further investigation will reveal that KASE is a former subsidiary of the now fragmented (nearly collapsed) ARION DEVELOPMENT ENTERPRISES (from Armageddon Adventure).In the end of the campaign, the PCs will realize they are working for the bad guys and that Dramius was framed.

“Jack” was assassinated by the Sandman – a very high priced and allusive assassin.  He posed as Dramius right down to his alias codes because he needed to frame someone.  His job was to eliminate the Order of Bakash (see Part 4) by killing its leader one by one.  Dramius was supplying the Order with weapons so he became an easy target to frame.

SANDMAN – An Genetically Engineered human with the ability to (painfully) contort his facial structure and bone structure to resemble any human.

Saint Sinner

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