HighBreed Dawn

HighBreed Dawn

Setting/System: Fading Suns d20

Dates: 3/2006 – 8/30/2008

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A murder on Byzantium Secundus leads to a shadowy secret of epic proportions. Something called the Master is forming Changed cults through out the galaxy and he is in search of something. A party assigned by the Emperor himself will attempt to thwart the sinister plans of this new cult.

The Highbreed Arise

The Highbred Campaign is a series of adventures I tried to write for FSd20 to be play tested out at Conventions and with my regular campaign group.  My regular campaign group played it out.  It is inspired by an old Star Frontiers campaign I ran years ago.

We are the disciples of He who redeems the unforgiven; He who resurrects the tainted and flawed; He who has channeled the energies of life to bring us life to spread his Word. We have arisen to save Him from our Enemies.

The Creed of the Highbreed

Conclusion: This ended poorly, because the d20 conversion of Fading Suns was basically broke and my players took advantage of it.  As they git higher in levels, it was impossible to stop them.  The plot was inspired by something I tried in my Star Frontiers days (College Years).

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