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The Crew of the Serena Dawn

Captain Ohed Epps (Human Male) Smuggler and pirate willing to any job for the highest bid. Astrogator Loken Stahl (Human Male) New to the crew, has endeared himself to the crew through nefarious ways. Engineer Kilita (Vrusk Female) Obsessive work-aholic

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The Missing: Crew of the Halstarr’s Shard

The Truane’s Star Expeditionary Service (Truane’s Star) funded secret expedition, Operation Shadow Sails.  Using the exploration ship, the Halstarr’s Shard, the ship sets out to explore the Nebular and the Zebulon system.  After entering the new pass through the Fingers, it is never

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Polomegan Campaign: Random Encounters

These encounter tables are not very detailed (and the details I did write down did not make much sense). I salvaged what I could and made up the rest.  I had planned to do “Special” encounter tables but never got

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Jaqueline “Jack” Badlander, Rebel agent

Human female She is a strong underground insider, and knew about Khitan’s plans with the “Lovely Angels” and the Imperials.  She has decided to use this opportunity to accomplish her objectives covertly.   When the PCs ship was disassembled, she

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HLA Strike Team Alpha

Transcribing more of my hand written stuff …. Team Leader: Casarel Thakeem (Glahnite male) Team Recon Spec: Quinn Alteresh (human male) Team Tech Spec: Korsodel Nimak (Kabashi female) Team Sniper: Borgori Moro (Redna male) Casarel “Cas” Thakeem Team Leader, Glahnite male,

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MaryWay Rigel & Aeron David McCollusk 

Half-Siblings of a Family that should have never been. Mary Way is half humanoid ET, half-human, mother being human. She never knew who her father was and only learned the true nature of her being recently. On the outside, she

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Tharkold Campaign Threat Dossier

IMPORTANT NPC/GROUPS Strategic Research Initiative (SRI) – A research group funded by the Ohio State University as a front for minion hunting.  Unfortunately, they let a minion infiltrate them and now Sethifer controls them.  He is using them to hunt down the Corman device

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Polomegan Campaign: NPCs & Bestiary

Average NPCs Polomegan Freedom Fighter, Regular RW M IM RS STA PS Human 65 80 7 65 50 8 Dara’Ilan 70 75 8 75 50 7 Polomegan Freedom Fighter, Officer RW M IM RS STA PS Human 90 80 6

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Rahweh & Sethipher

Sethifer Vs Rahweh Saga A Battle of Two Brothers Rahweh and Sethipher are brothers by blood only. They each have an intense hatred for each other and what each of them represent. Rahweh stands against the Dark Lords, hunting their

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