Hykosian Arrival/Ka’Abrelian Incursion

Hykosian Arrival/Ka’Abrelian Incursion

Setting/System: Shatterzone/Masterbook

Started: 5/1993 (estimated)

My first science fiction system outside of Star Frontiers. We had some great characters venture into a campaign that I made up as I went along, chasing down the HLA and their masters, the true Hykosians and their servants, the “big uglies”.  I ran this for a year or so and then played in a game with Neil Spicer as GM, me playing Rosh.

This particular campaign was a conglomeration of ideas I was getting from various sources.  The Hykosians and the “big uglies” remained a mystery for the most part and popped in and out whenever it was convenient.  They were inspired by the Shadows of B5, quite obviously.  Meanwhile, I made up a more tangible menace, the Ka’Abrel and sent the players after them.  Additionally, their ship was an on-going problem – possessed by the psionic spirit of an insane Chromrittern – Guts. Eventually, I figured out a convoluted way to link Guts with the Ka’Abrel and eventually the Hykosians.

Source Material


This is the notes for each adventure I planned for this campaign.  In between them was random adventures dealing with Guts and problems with their possessed ship.

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