The Mind’s Lost Legacy

The Mind’s Lost Legacy

Setting (System): Dragonstar (d20 3.x)

First Session: 6/14/2003

When/Where: UNCC Campus, Denny

Campaign News

A campaign that I started and again did not finish. Dragonstar setting is basically D&D in space. I really enjoyed this campaign setting because it had the best of both worlds. I found myself easily converting D&D stuff to the setting, making dungeons in asteroids and temples into space stations. The inspiration of this campaign revolved around the crystal dragons, psionics, and how these two elements fit in a predomaently magical world where the dragons ruled. Crystal dragons were just a myth and there was talk of them returning. Strange Orbs kept turning up and eventually will lead the players to the realization that the Crystal Dragons were more than a myth. How would that have effected the power structure of the Dragon Houses? I wanted to explore that but never got to. I started this campaign when D&D 3.0 had just came out. Much to my dismay, while I was still running it, 3.5 came out. Not being all that familiar with the differences, I was nervous about converting. If I were to go back, though, I would either do 3.5 or maybe even Pathfinder.

Campaign Background

She was a mystery. A ship owned by a young she-elf wizard Lyianna, looking for a crew. With the help of her partner, a Ith-kon named Vasque, she gathered a team of perhaps the most bizarre individuals the galaxy had to offer, hoping they all had the same thing in mind – to survive in the harsh universe ruled by the red dragon house, in an area of space not known for its civilized ways. But there was money to be made, and they were going to work together to find it.

She started with a crew of 3 – A dwarven psi with talents in healing and computer specialties named Jenquip Jodai; a bizarre living crystal creature called a Tarn Idoun named Sedion, the engineer-illusionist; and the even more bizarre pilot named Radik – a member of the rarely seen Quasta race.

The Primogen-Outland Station route was a region she was familiar with and a place her father once travelled. It was an area in great need of interstellar transportation and free trader services. The underground was also in need of smuggling services. One planet’s free trader is another planet’s smuggler. She found the legal lines blurred quite often this far near the Outlands.

As pleasant and charming as Lyianna was, she knew that she could not please everyone. She soon found herself with as many enemies as she had friends. This problem led her to seek out more muscle for her ship. She found Hyrss Hrak, the Artathi Ranger and Djunei Lostras, the Illonis gun man. Both claimed to be ex-corporate men looking for a way to make money on their own and get away from the tight grip of corporate enslavement.

Together, they moved shipments in and out of regions around the Primogen-Outland Run, dealing with pirates, corrupt customs agents and ISPD as they went along. Breaking the law was not Lyianna’s style, but if her crew bent the law a little without her knowing, she was OK with it.

But the crew knew that there was more to the ship’s owner and unofficial captain than she was letting on. And there was more to this mysterious ship than any one knew. As time went on, they felt a presence on board that watched them… watched over them. The Engineer was found talking to himself a lot in the engineering but he claimed he heard voices. Liyanna at times, seemed to be guided by a greater knowledge than her own – a presence that she was subconsciously aware of but never referenced directly. The ship became known to outsiders as the “Haunted Legacy.” However, nothing manifested that proved to be malevolent and so the crew continued to work together for 6 years.

In those six years, the crew encountered many things – escaped the great Space Kraken of Anthoron Passage; ran a load of semi-legal liquors through the restricted Gaaron Nebula to Inthalnad; made friends and then enemies of one of the top crime lords of the region, a Half orc known as Grendlok; and of course, dodged ISPD customs agents on Outlands Station using Liyanna’s enchanting ways. These years, most would say were exciting. However, to those with adventure in their hearts, it was boring. There were long periods of mundane duties, long lay-overs on boring worlds and many times, ports they couldn’t leave until they worked up enough credits to pay the absorbent docking fees. Life as a Free Trader near the edge of the Outlands was not glamorous or adventurous. It simply got them by in a universe that seemed to be turning dark around them.

…Until the day they decided to visit the Shifting Sands trading post on Primogen IV. That is when things changed and their destiny started. Guided by unseen forces, they slowly but surely are being intertwined in a galactic plot that could change everything they know… or thought they knew…

Thus begins the Mind’s Lost Legacy….

Campaign Elements

Thoughts and Notes from the players

As time goes on, I want to collect anything the players write on this page; anything that is in-chartacter, like character diaries, funny stories, anything.  For the most part, all of this is out of character, out of game.  It will not be used in the game, unless otherwise noted.   Most likely, anything the players sends to me that will be used in game, will be posted on the Intel Reports.


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