Tharkold: The Coreman Legacy

Tharkold: The Coreman Legacy


System: Dark Conspiracy

Started: 3/1990

Several years back (early 90s), I put together an idea for a campaign after running a few strung together one-shots in Dark Conspiracy. It started with a couple of short adventures I threw together and then an adventure out of Challenge Magazine #62, Kafka (which now can be found on Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere’s web site

The THEME to the campaign was corruption and there are things even worse then the known Dark Minions. Tharkold was a totally separate “Core” dimension that was breaking through and corrupting our own, including corrupting the Dark Minions that were already here. I was using examples of the corruption of what we hold sacred by the Dark world of America as a contrast to the further corruption the Brothers of Tharkold could bring.It was to be a journey across America to find and destroy the 7 Coreman Devices that would bring forth the Tharkold dimension. They would also face the 7 Brothers of Tharkold, creatures inspired by Tharkold sourcebooks (TORG RPG) and Hellraiser.I never got to finish the campaign because I simply could not continue with a certain couple of players. I got through to the second device and just had to stop. I was stringing along more of the Challenge Magazine adventures and linking them all to my central plot. Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere has several good adventures that I was able to work with.

Source Material




This is linked to the Dark Poem, each passage would lead them to the six points on the map.  Ley lines or something would then lead them to the final point in the middle.


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